Founders (who still code)

Sean taylor

Sean Taylor

Clarke brunsdon

Clarke Brunsdon

Software developers (who write a lot of code)

Kevin attfield

Kevin Attfield

Frederic boivin

Frédéric Boivin

Mike conlin

Mike Conlin

Sebastian craig

Sebastian Craig

Greg daynes

Greg Daynes

James gayfer

James Gayfer

Gray gilmore

Gray Gilmore

Jeffrey guenther

Jeffrey Guenther

John hawthorn

John Hawthorn

Craig isenor

Craig Isenor

Alessandro lepore

Alessandro Lepore

Gregor macdougall

Gregor MacDougall

Dennis marchand

Dennis Marchand

Adam mueller

Adam Mueller

Graeme nathan

Graeme Nathan

Jared norman

Jared Norman

Derrick plotsky

Derrick Plotsky

Andrew stewart

Andrew Stewart

Chris todorov

Chris Todorov

Luuk veenis

Luuk Veenis

Graham bouvier

Graham Bouvier

Natalie york

Natalie York

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Technical writer (who writes about code)

Benjamin willems

Benjamin Willems

Operations manager (who takes care of those who code)

Susan aili

Susan Aili