Do you have experience with Solidus and/or Spree? Join the Stembolt team.

Stembolt was deeply involved with Spree before we forked to create Solidus. You’ll work with global brands to guide and develop their ecommerce platforms using Solidus as the core component. Team up with the best Solidus developers including the core team to improve high-volume, high-profile stores as well as contribute to the open-source ecosystem.

In addition to working with individual stores, as a senior developer you’ll mentor junior employees and push yourself and those around you to become better developers. Your focus, like Stembolt’s, will be on continuous improvement in how you approach the process of development.


You are far enough in your career that you understand the importance of solid API design, accurate domain modelling, and comprehensive, stable test suites. All of our developers appreciate constructive criticism from our co-workers and are able to give actionable feedback in return.

At Stembolt, we deal with numerous systems critical to our client’s success. Well qualified candidates understand and mitigate potential problems in production environments, both in their own code and in the code of others.

Bonus points if you’ve debugged after_transition hooks in the ::Order.state_machine that have taken you seven hours longer than expected.


At Stembolt, we recognize that it’s easier to do good work when you’re feeling at your best. All of Stembolt’s full-time, permanent employees benefit from the following:

  • Competitive salary
  • Job relocation assistance
  • 35 hour work week
  • Flexible work time and location
  • Health and dental benefits
  • Ergonomic workspace and whatever tools you need to get the job done
  • Office games and the camaraderie to go with it
  • Show and tell Fridays where we share our weekly learnings with each other

How to apply

Send us your cover letter and resume through the form and include your Github account link if you have a public profile.

We know that experience comes in many forms, many skills are transferable, and passion goes a long way. We know that diversity of thought makes for the best problem-solving and creative thinking. If your experience is close to what we’re looking for, consider applying.