Things to do in Toronto

While in Toronto, we plan to keep you busy for a substantial portion of your time at SolidusConf! Talks are scheduled throughout much of the day, and with the official (and likely several unofficial) pub nights, you might not find yourself with a lot of free time! If you do however, there are some sights worth seeing while in the city:

Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is across the street from SolidusConf. They have a wealth of exhibits featuring both Canadian-specific and International works of art and natural spectacles. Of special note is ROM Friday Night Live which features DJ's, food, plus all regular fun.

A group of monks experienced a teleporter accident

CN Tower

The tallest free-standing structure in the western hemisphere gives you a good view of Toronto and the surrounding area (fog permitting). Head up just for the views, or have a nice meal in the 360 degree revolving restaurant.

And you thought calculating international taxes was scary


Toronto boasts the top theatre scene in Canada. It's home to many local, national, and international touring productions. Check out T.O. Tix for last minute discounts to many of the popular shows in the area.

Tony Award winning musical Kinky Boots


Concerts TO has a good listing of all the concerts happening in town on a given date. You can find more by checking the individual venues. Also consider the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and Canadian Opera Company who are very talented and entertaining.

Meet other poorly dressed west coast natives

Shopping & Markets

SolidusConf is located right near the posh shopping area of town where you'll find stores for many high end retailers. If you're looking for a place where you can get some fresh food and other merchandise, check out St. Lawrence Market or Kensington Market.

Food for people who like mason jars.

Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptors are currently playing in the NBA Playoffs. Other than the actual game, Raptors fans are known to congregate at Maple Leaf Square, informally known as Jurassic Park to watch the game on a 60 foot outdoor television. Plus, who knows, Drake might even stop by.

Don’t be fooled, he is not travelling in the direction of the basket.

Much More

It's the largest city in Canada, with events happening all over the place every day. Get out and explore. You might find something amazing!

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