Opening Stembolt Europe Was Part Of Our Big Plan For Solidus

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we made our first commit to Solidus and at the time we had no idea we’d get to where we are as fast as we have. But looking back over the past few years it’s exciting to see just how far we’ve come. Every now and then we have to pause to take it all in, and opening Stembolt Europe is one of those moments.

We’ve always had big plans for Solidus and our team have worked hard to get us where we are today. Stembolt’s dedication to the technology is immense and we’re committed to making it one of the greatest ecommerce platforms in the global market.

The ‘Aha’ Moment For Stembolt

The need to expand grew following last year's conference when we noticed the international attention Solidus was receiving. It became apparent that we needed to further the company’s reach, and after much deliberation it was agreed that Germany was the best gateway for Stembolt to enter into the European market.

Shortly after we made our decision to expand an opportunity arose to join forces with Martin Meyerhoff and Thomas von Deyen. We’d worked with Martin and Thomas in the past as they were (and always have been) contributors to the Solidus platform. Both are programmers of tremendous talent and experience so it made sense for us to join forces.

Our Not So Big Announcement

The company has been quietly working with the team at Stembolt Europe since the first day of 2017 so it’s with great excitement that we finally and officially get to welcome Martin, Thomas, Alessandro and Lisa. Both offices are looking ahead to develop a strong presence in Europe, and to open new Solidus stores across the globe.

Martin and Thomas Stembolt Europe Globe

The timing couldn’t be better!

We could not be prouder of our expanding team and the growing Solidus community. Stembolt is thrilled to co-present SolidusConf 2017 in London following our official announcement.

If you’re attending this years conference or you’re interested in getting involved in our European operation drop Clarke a line on Solidus slack, or contact us directly at Stembolt, either way we’d like to hear from you, so don’t be shy.