Stembolt and Solidus mentioned on Bluestout blog

We’re pleased to see ecommerce consultants Blue Stout taking the time to break down the differences of Spree and Solidus in a recent blog post. They’ve done a great job at making it easy to compare the two and give tips on deciding what's best for your company. Solidus came out the favourite with Allen Burt, CEO and founder of Blue Stout writing, “[Solidus] is Spree 2.4, but better - Solidus has improved the product immensely.”

Allen also mentioned Stembolt’s commitment to creating high quality code to share with the community via the Solidus GitHub repository. We're glad others are as excited about our contributions as we are! It can only stand to make the lives of Solidus users and developers easier with each new release.

If you’re interested in learning more about our improvements and even contributing yourself, head on over to our GitHub repository.

Check out the full article on the Bluestout blog.