Stembolt Is Joining JUUL Labs, Inc.

Stembolt is happy to announce that after (almost) 10 years in business, we have joined one of our clients – JUUL Labs, Inc. We’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished in the last 10 years building and running Stembolt. We’ve come a long way from the two-developer tech shop we started, but we are thrilled about our ability to help JUUL Labs improve the lives of a billion adult smokers. We don’t know a better fit for our technical expertise and ecommerce experience than helping execute on this mission.

The Stembolt team has always been a big supporter in the Victoria developer community, and we will continue to be engaged while under the JUUL brand. We remain committed to improving the tech landscape of Victoria and will continue to strive to help the community in any way we can. We would like to especially thank our clients- past and present- in supporting us over the last 10 years and through this transition. It has been an amazing experience working together and we appreciate all of the support and assistance you’ve provided over the years.

Through JUUL Labs, we will continue to develop and support the Solidus community that we’ve built together. We look forward to engaging with the open-source communities that we’ve been a part of and will continue to foster those relationships.

For anyone looking for more information on opportunities to join the development team in Victoria or elsewhere, head to our new careers page.