Self-funded, profitable, and stable

Our founders built a strong business model around ecommerce and only take on clients that align with the company’s goals. Stembolt maintains a continuous rate of growth and manages risks to make sure we're here for the long term.

Solidus is our ecommerce platform of choice

Stembolt forked Spree in 2014 and created Solidus under our own direction for better control over code quality, security, and general direction of the platform. Stembolt employees represent half of the core team on the open source project and meet regularly. With two annual conferences under our belt, we’re invested in Solidus and committed to making the platform and ecosystem the best it can be.

Serve our clients in the best possible way

Stembolt augments internal development teams, provides technical direction, and maintains close relationships so that we can help our clients grow their business. We welcome our clients to challenge our opinions with their own expertise in the spirit of making the product better. We give our employees the autonomy to get things done and to contribute to their projects in the best way for them and our clients.

Always strive to be better

Stembolt is proud of our employees' passion for code and our thriving mentorship environment where we help push each other to continually improve. Honest and helpful code review is a critical part of the way Stembolt’s developers work, as is continued, healthy discussion about the technologies and practices we use. Everyone has the opportunity to try new things in a supportive environment and focus on what’s important in their professional growth.